Peer Groups 

Peer2Peer - Throughout the GTA


To Scale Up we need to be Competitive.

To be Competitive we need to Collaborate.

The TechConnex Peer Group Program is where fast-growth technology company leaders, entrepreneurs and executives from across the GTA can come together to exchange information that will help them scale their businesses, grow their people and their revenues. Together we contribute to a vibrant ecosystem supporting TECH business success.

Participation is a member benefit* free with TechConnex Membership. All are asked to review and abide by the TechConnex Peer Group Code of Conduct.

*If interested in joining one of these groups please contact the TechConnex office prior to registering - some qualifying conditions may apply - like, are you a peer of the attendees? With 15 P2P Tracks running monthly, there is a pretty good chance we can connect you to a relevant and meaningful group.  Have a suggestion for a new Peer Group? We'd love to hear about it!