HUB Space

Drop-in and meeting space

The TechConnex HUB fosters Innovation, Growth and International Expansion in Small and Midsize Technology Companies. Designed to help small and midsize tech businesses access the needed resources, participate in priority industry learning opportunities, and connect with enabling services that empower business leaders and help businesses succeed while fostering the spirit of innovation and collaboration.
Technology companies are able to rent office spaces, workstations or drop in at one of the hottest hotdesk spaces in York Region!
 How many times do you have to tell the kids “QUIET – I’m on a call”? You can only hide out in your basement for only so long!  Serenity now…..come over to TechConnex for a few hours to get your work done, and take the opportunity to network and brainstorm with other hoteling professionals if you want to!

“I get through more work in 4 uninterrupted hours at TechConnex than I would in a day at home with the kids during the summer holidays!”
Paul Seaforth, Program Director - Miax

Member companies are encouraged to use the additional meeting spaces for leadership team meetings, off-site staffing interviews, strategic planning sessions, or even hosting out of town client meetings.

Welcoming and collaborative environment

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The TechConnex HUB offers

*Free parking

*High-Speed internet access

*Bottomless – cup coffee service

*Access to kitchenette

*Professional open collaborative space including electronic whiteboard, mobile whiteboard and seating when available