Broadband: the essential utility

ICF Canada has prepared, through the ICF Canada Technical Committee headed by Campbell Patterson,  a very timely position paper which supports the CRTC’s establishment of a universal service objective that all Canadians have access to voice services and broadband Internet access services on fixed and mobile wireless networks. The Position Paper includes recommendations around new broadband speed targets and new funding for broadband projects in areas that don’t meet these targets.

ICF Canada agrees with the CRTC’s directions which will fundamentally shift its regulations related to basic service from voice-related to broadband-related whether in rural and remote areas as well as in urban centres .

The purpose of this position paper is to make an evidence-based case that broadband should be declared an essential utility and that equitable access to the Internet should also be a right of every Canadian as entrenched in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms based on the principle of “equality before and under law and equal protection and benefit of law”.

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