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Cool if you can embrace rapid growth without hitting a bump – or a wall.  The TechConnex Peer Group Program (P2P) is where fast-growth technology company leaders, executives and entrepreneurs from across the GTA come together to exchange information that will help them expand their businesses, extend their markets, and grow their people.

Together we contribute to a vibrant scale-up growth ecosystem. One membership and any number of your team can participate.
Monthly 90-minute sessions cover entrepreneurial business skills and issues through curated topics and vigorous discussion led by industry veterans with valuable experience from the frontlines. 

“Discussions are surprisingly frank and participants are very open in sharing what worked or didn’t in their situation.”

A full curriculum of business skills training is possible through the participation in a learning strategy mapped out from the array of over 150 sessions offered each year.  Attendees are asked to review and abide by the TechConnex Peer Group Code of Conduct – essentially a nondisclosure agreement given the sensitive nature of the contributions made within the confines of the peer group.

If interested in joining one of these groups, please contact the TechConnex office. If your company is already a member just call the TechConnex office and we will get you your sign-in credentials on the spot.  Prior to registering - some qualifying conditions may apply - like, are you a peer of the attendees of the specific group that caught your interest or is there another stream that may be more relevant?  With more than 15 P2P meetings monthly, there is a pretty good chance you can connect to a relevant and meaningful group.

Peer group participants help their organizations grow revenue, attack new markets, and attract needed staff through these regular sessions of timely topics.
  • Discover best practices through peer experience
  • Create powerful business connections
  • Learn how others adapt business theory to real life success
  • Keep up-to-date with new directives and emerging developments
  • Draw upon the knowledge and practical experience of subject matter experts
  • Build your personal brand and corporate identity with peers, presenters and partners

See the full 2016 curriculum below.

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